Follett has Taken Over

Follett bookstore has officially taken over on campus and has made some changes. Walking down the winding staircase from the dining hall it looks like a completely different building. The mural on the wall has been covered in red paint and all the shelves are unified and organized.

“It is pretty easy to navigate around,” said graduate student Juralee Smith.

Smith said, as did some other students, that they hadn’t noticed a difference with prices or that the bookstore had been put under new management.

The store’s employee, Michelle Fisher, had only noticed a couple incidents with it being under new management. Fisher said that Barnes and Noble had some products there that were privately owned and when Follett took over it was impossible to get those stock items for students. 

With very few hiccups improvements have been made and are continuing to occur.

Branden Farthing, an employee said, “Prices are pretty similar, and we offering less outrageous prestigious items.”

That is, of course, disregarding the new Mac store that was just put in along with the Lenovo’s that will be offered soon.


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