RU Admissions Up

Students are cramped up in three person dorm rooms this year after admissions is up by 25 percent of last fall. With the school underestimating the freshman class by about 100 students they found themselves in a housing shortage.

“I think that increasing the number of students is a bad thing because I like Radford’s current size. The close-knit community is one of this school’s best assets and having too many more people here may ruin that.” freshman Eryn Bartholomew.

 Though the rise has become a pitfall from some students, the increase of admissions has had its perks. The freshman grade point average has risen to 3.22 whereas last year it was a 3.15. Not only has the incoming number of freshman gone up about 500 students, the amount of transfer students has also enlarged.

 Dean of Admissions, James Pinnix said, “It’s a great school to come to, and they need to be proud of that.”

 As the new Dean of Admissions, he plans to that to make that his goal, to let people know how good this school really is and to not be humble about it.

 Pinnix said the advising offices worked very closely with admission offices this summer to add more blocks to the scheduling. Therefore still giving the classroom sizes to which students and professors can build a relationship.

As for the situation that has most students noticing the new increase in admissions, Pinnix believes it’s being taken care of. About two-thirds of the students that had been tripled now are living in just double dorm rooms, but with over 200 students originally in a triple it will take time.

“I hate it all my stuff is still in its suitcases and I have no room to put my stuff,” said sophomore AJ Johnson

 Johnson signed up for on-campus living  late causing him to be tripled. He was told he would be moved after about three weeks, but after five he continues as is. Since Madison and Jefferson are still going under renovation and some of the on-campus apartments have been torn down for the new business building the school gave upperclassmen new options.

 Over the summer the school bought some of the Hunter’s Ridge Apartments and Calhoun Street Apartments  to give upperclassmen another option for on-campus living. Sophomore Ashley Nester wishes the email about that option was sent out sooner, so that more students could have used that option, rather than being tripled.

 With numbers up this year Pinnix believes that in three to five years we will continue to have incoming freshman class of about 1800 to 1850.  In the long run to hopfully increase our school size to about 10,000 students.

 “I think it’s a good because when we graduate in a few years I feel like the school will have a better rep,” junior Brett Moran.


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