Despite Results Boucher Stays Positive

ABINGDON, VIRGINIA— A sad crowd of about 125 Rick Boucher supporters filled the Virginia Ballroom, as the final votes were counted.  After 14 terms in Congress, Boucher was defeated by Republican Morgan Griffith.

“I am at a loss for words,” said supporter Sherri Taylor. As she stood and applauded Boucher as he walked into the Ballroom she said she had been coming to his election parties for as long as she can remember.

Boucher walked to the front of the room with his head up as supporters continued to welcome him.

“I called Morgan Griffith and I congratulated him,” said Boucher, “I offered my help and support.”

He thanked everyone for the continued support and coming out even through this rough time. Griffith defeated Boucher by almost 9,000 votes.

Griffith spent over 3 million dollars in advertisements bashing Boucher. The level of attack advertising was breathtaking according to Boucher. He had said that he’d never seen that in all the years of running.

“Voters were thinking about Obama and Nancy Pelosi and forgot they were voting for Boucher,” said Damascus Mayor Jack McCrady, “the economy will suffer.”

Though with many heads down, Boucher continued to keep his up saying that tomorrow he will start a new chapter, and he feels liberated and it’s nice to have the election over.  He didn’t speak of elaborate plans he has after his 28 years in Congress, but he did say that his wife and himself will go to the mountains.

“I enjoyed my service for the past 28 years,” said Boucher, “We have achieved a great amount.”

One of his prized accomplishments was the level economic development he created, including making over 28,000 jobs available 9th district.

“His influence will be missed for a very long time,” said supporter Mark Grahan.


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