Student’s Percentage of Voting was Low

Like many students at Radford University, junior Helen Williams didn’t vote in this past Tuesday’s election.  Many students were registered vote and said they voted in the 2008 Presidential Election but not this year.

This has raised the question as to why students aren’t voting, when they are the future.

“I just never got around to it,” said senior Lauren Kluge, “and I just don’t really follow it.”

According to the average amount of voters aged 18 to 29 was only 11 percent across the nation. The highest percentage of voters were ages 45 to 64 with 44 percent of them voting.

Kluge and Williams both say they aren’t interested in politics right now but will maybe follow it in the future.

In Radford City there are three places for voters to vote, none of the locations are on campus, making it difficult for students to escape their day of classes.

For students that are registered in their hometown could have filled out an Absentee Ballot the Tuesday before the election. Williams who is registered in her hometown said she didn’t feel like and didn’t even know who was running.

“I’m not political enough,” said Williams.

Inconvenience and it being a midterm election seemed to be the main reasons why students don’t vote. Williams and Kluge think that they will probably vote in the next presidential election.


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