New Competition in Town

After opening in late October, Bar 24 brings more options for students in downtown Radford. New options mean possible competition for current establishments.

“The way we look at competition is it’s a positive,” said Sharkey’s manager John Peacock.

Peacock believes that with one more bar downtown, it brings in more people. It also gives more reasons to stay downtown and bar hop.  With the recession having an impact on the area’s economy the established bars adapted their prices to better suit student’s budgets.

“To be honest the last six months has been a roller coaster,” said general manager of BT’s Ken Day.

Day blames the roller coaster of business due to the economy and that more students are graduating within four years, meaning less students of the legal age. Though it’s been a roller coaster, Day reported that business is dead on sales of last year, despite the new bar in town.

Regularly updating Facebook statuses, Riley’s, Sharkey’s and BT’s keep their costumers aware of all the deals and activities happening. Bar 24 has jumped on the bandwagon including advertising through Twitter and Highlander coupons. Manager Ermias Alemu says they plan on doing more promotions to bring in more people.

“We have a unique bar and have different menu items,” said Alemu.

Senior Lauren Kluge enjoys the downtown scene with friends. They usually will spend time at Sharkey’s and or BT’s on the weekend. Kluge said she has stopped into Bar 24 once after it opened.

“The drink specials are really good,” said Kluge.

With the turnover rate of businesses in Radford high, and the economy in a slump Peacock believes that having the bar and a hookah lounge was a smart move of owner Amare Alemu.



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