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Wolff makes a plan to prevent bullying

After years of being taunted and teased by fellow students, Alexandra Wolff put her foot down and did something about. From elementary school days till about 8th grade Wolff was bullied by her peers.

Not until about the 4th grade was her mother even aware of it.

“For a lot of time I kept it to myself because I felt like I was a target and a victim and it was very embarrassing and I was almost ashamed that this was happening to me,” said Wolff.

Wolff wasn’t alone in the nation according to online study at least 56 percent of students are bullied. After Wolff’s mother found out from one of her daughter’s friends about her situation at school, she tried to help. Wolff’s circumstances worsened. She finally got back on her feet once getting into high school.

“Once I got there it was a little bit of an adjustment but then I got comfortable and then grew and began to like it and I think that made me feel better because I was finally away from the people that tortured me, I could finally step back breath and think,” said Wolff.

Wanting to do something to prevent others from what she went through she lobbied for a bill in Maryland. It defined the model policy for bullying. The bill tells what to do if you are being bullied and shows signs of how to tell if someone is being bullied.

Since moving down to the Christiansburg area she’s trying to continue what she worked in Maryland now in the Virginia school system.

“When I was younger I felt dumb next to the other students, I felt like teachers thought I was stupid and was going to go anywhere,” said Wolff, “and I think that this has made me feel like I am someone and I can accomplish things.”

Wolff hasn’t been alone in the process; her mother has been supporting her 100 percent of the time.

“She has come from a place where she felt tortured and alone and unhappy and she never could have spoken out before and ethically speaking out about the very thing that upset her so badly has helped her greatly,” said Wolff’s mother.



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Despite Results Boucher Stays Positive

ABINGDON, VIRGINIA— A sad crowd of about 125 Rick Boucher supporters filled the Virginia Ballroom, as the final votes were counted.  After 14 terms in Congress, Boucher was defeated by Republican Morgan Griffith.

“I am at a loss for words,” said supporter Sherri Taylor. As she stood and applauded Boucher as he walked into the Ballroom she said she had been coming to his election parties for as long as she can remember.

Boucher walked to the front of the room with his head up as supporters continued to welcome him.

“I called Morgan Griffith and I congratulated him,” said Boucher, “I offered my help and support.”

He thanked everyone for the continued support and coming out even through this rough time. Griffith defeated Boucher by almost 9,000 votes.

Griffith spent over 3 million dollars in advertisements bashing Boucher. The level of attack advertising was breathtaking according to Boucher. He had said that he’d never seen that in all the years of running.

“Voters were thinking about Obama and Nancy Pelosi and forgot they were voting for Boucher,” said Damascus Mayor Jack McCrady, “the economy will suffer.”

Though with many heads down, Boucher continued to keep his up saying that tomorrow he will start a new chapter, and he feels liberated and it’s nice to have the election over.  He didn’t speak of elaborate plans he has after his 28 years in Congress, but he did say that his wife and himself will go to the mountains.

“I enjoyed my service for the past 28 years,” said Boucher, “We have achieved a great amount.”

One of his prized accomplishments was the level economic development he created, including making over 28,000 jobs available 9th district.

“His influence will be missed for a very long time,” said supporter Mark Grahan.

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Follett has Taken Over

Follett bookstore has officially taken over on campus and has made some changes. Walking down the winding staircase from the dining hall it looks like a completely different building. The mural on the wall has been covered in red paint and all the shelves are unified and organized.

“It is pretty easy to navigate around,” said graduate student Juralee Smith.

Smith said, as did some other students, that they hadn’t noticed a difference with prices or that the bookstore had been put under new management.

The store’s employee, Michelle Fisher, had only noticed a couple incidents with it being under new management. Fisher said that Barnes and Noble had some products there that were privately owned and when Follett took over it was impossible to get those stock items for students. 

With very few hiccups improvements have been made and are continuing to occur.

Branden Farthing, an employee said, “Prices are pretty similar, and we offering less outrageous prestigious items.”

That is, of course, disregarding the new Mac store that was just put in along with the Lenovo’s that will be offered soon.

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